Our Church


Filipino International Baptist Church (FIBC) is a family oriented church that reach out the city of Edmonton for Christ, one Gospel conversation at a time. FIBC currently have two locations, Edmonton West and South.

Our Vision

By the year 2030,we dream of having 20,000 Gospel conversation that will lead to spiritual transformation of 3,000 disciples and starting of 600 small groups/IDRs. These initiatives will result in the development of 300 leaders so as to take our church where God wants us to go, and in starting 30 healthy reproducing  satellite churches via multisite model.
Our focus for 2020 is to have 800 Gospel conversation that will lead to life transformation of 250 disciples and starting of 26 small groups/IDRs (Intentional Discipleship Relationship). This will result in the development of 12 leaders and in starting 1 satellite church via multisite model. 


Gospel Conversations
Small Groups/ IDRs
Satellite Church

Our Mission

To praise God, proclaim His message and prepare His people for service.

Our Core Values

FIBC, in obedience to the Great Commission, in and through the Lordship of Christ, Godly leadership, and committed members, hold to highest esteem the following core values:


Prayer | Ministry | Fellowship | Evangelism | Discipleship


What We Believe

FIBC follows the same Statement of Faith as our convention, the Canadian National Baptist Convention. Click on the link below to read our statement of faith.

Constitution and By Laws

As members of this church we unite ourselves as one body of Christian believers to effectively carry our the Great Commission of our Lords and Savior Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20). We declare and establish this constitution for the preservation and security of our faith, and so that this body may be governed in an orderly manner.